UIGI Official Coin

UIGI Coin White Paper

Connecting a decentralized global community through blockchain technology. 

Empowering this community to embrace the future of world’s emerging economy. 


Phase 1 2021 (Q4)

  • Fair Launch on Mint Platform 

  • Migrate coin to Binance Smart Chain 

  • Telegram Group Creation 

  • 1,000 holders 

  • Testimonial Contest 

Phase 2 2021 (Q4)

  • UIGI website 

  • Marketing Via Radio Ads 

  • Coingecko Listing 

  • 2,500 Holders 

Phase 3 2022 (Q1)

  • Audit 

  • PR Exposure 

  • CoinMarket Cap listing 

  • 5% Burn 

  • 5,000 Holders 

Phase 4 2022 (Q2-Q3)

  • UIGI sponsored Events 

  • Coin Burn Mechanism Upgrade 

  • Roadmap Review 

  • Influencer Partnership 

  • Coin Upgrade with Staking feature 

  • 10,000 holders 

How To Purchase the Token


The crypto wallet & gateway to the blockchain apps needed to participate with the UIGI Coin.

Pancake swap

Discover Pancake Swap, the world’s leading DEX  on the Binance Smart Chain and where you purchase and trade UIGI Coin.


Binance Smart Chain live streaming charts DAPP.  Get the latest in UIGI Coin pricing and charts in real time.


UIGI Community

Global community with over 51,000 active members with connections to hundreds of thousands world wide

Decentralized and community governance 

Like minded positive people from around the world sharing ideas and processes to enhance the financial status of the community as a whole.

Real world tools and education all done through a DAO (decentralized autonomous organization) community of forward thinkers. 

UIGI Social Club Event Highlights